The Secret of Martingala Roulette

Martingala system is inherited after the name of Johnny Henry Martingala. He never used this system himself, but encouraged the players who used to play casino games. He wanted that players must have simple system that should be airproof. He was a casino owner himself, but got in trouble and was broke totally. This happened about two hundred years ago.

How Martingala roulette work?

 This system is very simple and anyone who has interest in playing casino games can easily understand it. This system is based on betting of colors. All the colors are having either numbers. On roulette, there is black and red. There is zero as well which does not belong to any of the color. If zero comes, then players can bet on either red or black, players want to win. With zero there are thirty seven numbers  on the roulette. Players can also play American version, where there are thirty-eight numbers and null number, which is marked as zero. Because there is a second null in the roulette and it is unsuitable for the Martingala system. This issue to the reason that it can highly decrease the number of winning. Null is inconvenient if you are thinking about it. If null comes, then you should take it as a wrong color.


 If you play Martingala then you should start by betting on the lowest amount on the color you want to choose. The lowest bet can be one euro. If you win, then you only win one euro, this is because if you win you get more info only in case you hit the right color at roulette. In case you lose, you are one euro in red. It is a little bit complicated to understand, but playing this game is fun and as you start playing, you will understand about it all. is a risky, but what attract the majority of the players are the profits, which are huge and tempting.

 In this, game players also encounter a stage when you have series of one color, but they are not left with the money to double the bet. However, there are many practical ways by which the risks can be eliminated. This needs strict discipline and huge amount of patience. If you are interested in playing this game, then there are tips and tricks easily available online which you must check out. You can also start playing this game free on some of the websites.