Playing your favorite games at an online casino

Online casinos offer traditional casino games which include slot machines, baccarat, craps, black jack, roulette, keno, bingo, and even poker. These all come under live dealer agen bola casino games. One can play these games for real money or for free.

How do one can get money in and how do can get paid:

We can generally make a casino deposit by using credit card or debit card. For that you need to type the number in to the casino site. But sometimes some banks will block the transaction if they find the money is for online casinos. But often they can’t figure out so the transaction goes just fine. In case of credit card blocking or not working properly  one can use Bit coin which depends on service like Bit stamp. Bit coin is a currency like dollars or Euros which exists only electrically. One cannot hold bit coins in hands as they are virtual. The working process usually involves:

  1. Initially you need to open an account in Bit coin service like Bit stamp.
  2. To buy Bit stamp transfer money from your bank account to Bit stamp.
  3. Later you can send bit coins to the merchants who accept them like online casinos.

Sometimes Bit coins are very difficult to set up, but once they are set up, money moving is very easy. Bits coins now replaced with western union which charges   high fee and poor customer services.

Avoiding spam is very crucial in online gambling as it is a pretty big business. Some casinos try to selling of your email id to other casinos as it is nothing wrong. Some rouge employees do these kind of shitty things even casino management doesn’t have this kind of policy. So it is always better to switch another email account when you want to play online gambling so that your primary mail id never would be safe and secured without getting spammed.


Online casinos agen bola usually offer sign up bonus to attract new customer as who may return and deposit many times. These are some sort of bonuses given by the online casinos.

Cash back or insurance bonuses:  when players lost money in the game, in such case cash back or insurance bonuses are offered. You can find these kinds of casinos on websites which offers insurance or cash back bonuses. So, what are you waiting for?