Germany- A house full of Casinos

Germany seems to have a culture of Casinos. In total, Germany is estimated to have around 90 casinos, with 15 of them being considered major tourist attractions. You won’t fail to find a casino in every major German city. That said, casinos in Germany are not private and are generally owned by the government, either directly, or indirectly. There are also many famous online casinos like the Mansion Casino in Germany.

The Outlook

On the outside, in Germany, casinos are luxurious. They have a formal aura about them. That is why, if you are trying to step in informally dressed, you might not be granted entry. A suit and tie seem to be a prerequisite and are even offered on their desks for rent. The interiors are richly decorated with slightly dim lights and an overall classical setting.

Entry into these casinos is not free, usually. Most casinos take entrance fees from customers. The entrance fee is around 3 to 5. Sometimes, there are offers which allow free entry for first-time customers, but in general, you have to pay a fee in order to get in and waste money. Foods and drinks are not free either. You need to pay for what you eat or drink and the cost of these is typically higher than otherwise.

Mansion Casino in Germany

You need to be dressed in a suit to enter the casino. You also have to pay the entry fees. There are more formalities to German casinos than just these. You need to have an identity with you. The casinos will check your passport or identity card to see if you are of the legal age of 18. They will then jot down your personal information and store it in their database.This way, they will keep track of how many times you have visited them and how much you have spent.

The major games played at German casinos are Roulette, Blackjack, and Poker. The German Roulette is the most popular casino game which differs slightly from the American Roulette with a greater chance of winning. Some casinos do provide American Roulette games at a smaller stake. Blackjacks are also fairly common and vary in betting rates. However, Poker would be the most popular online game if rated as such.

Poker online
The reason poker is preferred as an online game is that the stakes at poker games in casinos are often very high. It is also a time-consuming game in which players have to wait. In order to avoid that hassle, gamblers like to throw their money on online poker rather than at casinos. Online poker games are available at Mansion Casino in Germany.

If you are a tourist in Germany, you will definitely enjoy your stay in this scenic country. So make sure to spend your money on other luxuries instead of wasting them at Casinos. It is better to enjoy yourself with your money rather than throw it at the wheel and risk losing it all.